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to Life Beyond Growth, an independent report documenting the rise of New Economics, alternatives to the GDP, and the adoption of new measures of National Wellbeing.

Our widely-cited 2012 report is still highly relevant and provides you with an extensive historical background, a descriptive map of current concepts and initiatives, and a geopolitical analysis of future developments.

The companion blog stopped being updated in late 2012, but you can still browse our archives. At this site, you can also …

  • … go deeper into the history of “Growth as Usual” and become more familiar with emerging new frameworks and measures, by downloading (free) and reading the Life Beyond Growth 2012 Report (click the link to go straight to the download site)
  • … browse the 2012 blog archive
  • … find out more about the project and the people behind it by looking at our About page

We hope you will find this site a useful resource, and we would be happy to receive any feedback. You can write to us by clicking here, or you can respond to our short survey:  Click to respond to survey

Direct link to download the report >>

Updated: 15 Aug 2013


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