New report tracks revolution in economic thought Reply

Original Release Announcement, 1 March 2012

Life Beyond Growth is the product of a year of research and reflection on the declining status of “Growth as Usual”, and the rise of New Economic alternatives. During that year, the world experienced tumultuous changes, ranging from the Arab Spring to the Great East Japan Earthquake to the “Occupy” movement to the near-meltdown of the Eurozone.

Despite all the economic and political turmoil, a revolution in economic thought continued to gain steam. From “Green Economy” to “Gross National Happiness” to the more radical notion of “De-growth,” governments around the world have continued to explore new ways to frame, and measure, the idea of national progress. Most recently, the United Nations has formally joined the dialogue, with its own high-level panel calling for “new ways to measure progress” in advance of the Rio+20 global summit.

Life Beyond Growth 2012 is the first in an annual series of reports to be issued by the new Institute for Studies in Happiness, Economy, and Society (Tokyo, Japan). It traces the evolution of this revolution, from the origins of traditional “economic growth” to the present day and beyond.

Produced by the AtKisson Group and authored by Alan AtKisson, the report is a highly readable yet robust tour through this complex and engrossing story. This 73-page report is available free to download: click here.

A joint production of

       Institute for Studies in Happiness, Economy, & Society

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