“The Regeneration Project”: defining the role of the private sector in a sustainable society Reply

The Regeneration Project is a collaborative initiative by SustainAbility and GlobeScan that focuses on “the role that the private sector can take to fundamentally reshape – and make more sustainable – our society and economy.” The project’s vision is to “provide a roadmap for achieving sustainable development (SD) within the next generation, focusing in particular on ways the private sector can improve sustainable development strategy, increase credibility and deliver results at greater speed and scale.” The initiative reflects on the progress that has been made on the sustainable development agenda since the release of the Our Common Future report by the Brundtland Commission in 1985 and the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

The project has been inspired by interviews with sustainable development “Pioneers” – a series entitled the “Ray Anderson Memorial Interviews” – and in 2012, it plans to produce a series of white papers on SD in relation to the Rio+20 conference, as well as to perform s0-called international influencer surveys, public opinion surveys and various related events.

The first white paper, titled “Unfinished Business: Perspectives from the Sustainable Development Frontier,” has been released in January 2012 and provides a summary of interviews (undertaken over 2011) with 20 sustainable development Pioneers from business, government and civil society with the focus on what has happened in the field of SD since the Rio 1992 conference. The paper documents the shift of businesses and NGOs towards working together (as opposed to against each other) on SD and notes that “many Pioneers call for a rethink of the economic system.”  The key message of the interviews points to the potential for business leaders to play an important role in sustainable development.

The Regeneration Project has also partnered up with the Guardian Sustainable Business and brings series of short articles and videos on topics relating to the Rio+20 conference.

Links: http://theregenerationproject.com/, http://www.guardian.co.uk/sustainable-business/series/regeneration-project


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