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Life Beyond Growth is a report (and, in Japan, a book) documenting “the evolution of a revolution” in economic thought. The revolution began with a growing wave of criticism towards GDP-measured progress, and led to the rapid rise of new frameworks and measurements that fall under the overall heading of “New Economics. ”

The Life Beyond Growth report, released in March 2012, provides an in-depth review of both history and current practice, with a focus on how New Economic ideas are being implemented in policy and practice. Commissioned by Japan’s Institute for Studies in Happiness, Economy, and Society (see below), Life Beyond Growth was the product of a year of research into the rise of ideas like “Green Economy,” “Genuine Progress,” and “Gross National Happiness.” These New Economic alternatives are changing the way people think about national economic success, including national governments and international organizations.

Written for the general reader, Life Beyond Growth 2012 report is also meant to serve as a briefing paper for decision-makers. It aims to help with grappling with the sudden emergence of new economic ideas and indicators, and to try to make sense of these rapid developments, which have the potential to redefine national economic policy in the 21st century.

Life Beyond Growth is a joint production of three organizations. The primary sponsor and issuing organization is the Institute for Studies in Happiness, Economy, and Society, based in Tokyo, Japan (www.ishes.org/en). The report was produced by the AtKisson Group, an international sustainability consulting network founded 1992 by lead author Alan AtKisson (www.AtKisson.com). The report was published by the Center for Sustainability Transformation (formerly known as ISIS Academy), an international training and professional development organization focused on change and sustainability, and based in Hofheim (near Frankfurt), Germany (www.CforST.com).

For more information and background on the sponsors and producers of this report, visit our Press Center, which includes links to the bios of the principals involved in this project (Junko Edahiro, President of ISHES, and Alan AtKisson, President of AtKisson Group). There you will also find the original press release and a summary for decision-makers.

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